Real Estate Copywriting Success Story: Walk First

At first, success didn’t come. I couldn’t find a real estate writing gig. Doing what anyone with a burning need to eat might do in my situation, I took on a series of writing projects – none related to real estate. Three months later, I got my first shot at writing real estate copy.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years later. I’ve set new standards for real estate copywriting performance. In addition, I’ve written dozens of real estate books and courses, and thousands of insightful, compelling real estate articles. This brings me to a crucial point for your real estate success: A real estate copywriter who knows how to blend direct response copywriting strategies into every word he writes is able to help you reach your goals, no matter what your real estate copywriting goal.

What Kinds of Real Estate Copywriting Projects have I Taken On?

What kinds of real estate copywriting projects have I taken on that enable my real estate clients succeed? Here’s a partial list:

  • Real Estate Direct Response Copywriting Packages (Sales letter, video sales letter, pre-launch and launch copy, autoresponder copy, etc.)
  • Real Estate Marketing Brochure Copywriting projects (writing real estate brochure copy for real estate agents and brokers, with sensational results)
  • Real estate books that inform, educate and entertain, at the same time increasing your standing in the real estate or real estate investing industry (note; I no longer take on book projects).
  • Real estate manuals that teach complicated real estate concepts without confusion, employing real estate copywriting strategies that provide maximum learning with minimal effort.
  • Real estate white papers that show clear examples of how your clients or customers have solved their most pressing problems by using your tried-and-true systems
  • Real estate email marketing that gets your messages read – and product sold
  • Real estate direct response sales copy that fills your bank account with plenty of green – the one commodity no real estate investing information marketer can get enough of
  • Real estate coaching programs that lay the framework for explosive financial growth in your real estate business, an often-overlooked river of cash for real estate educators with devoted followers

While each client is different, each has one burning desire: to have the words appearing in their name help them reach their goals, expand their reach, and sell more product. That’s what I do – better than most.

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